I created LumiBloom because every woman deserves to feel confident, beautiful, focused, energized, and pain-free. - MacKenzie McClain Hill, LumiBloom Founder

This is your time to bloom, in every aspect of your life. As an elite athlete, entrepreneur, mom, model, friend, and community member, I know how
hard you need your beauty and wellness products to work for you. That’s why every LumiBloom product is as powerful, versatile, and extraordinary as you are. They are all personally researched, tested, and selected by me for women who need to look and feel beautiful, energized, focused, and pain-free.

Here’s to your confidence!

Bloom Your Way!


Shop our Collections to find the secret to living the LumiLife. Look no further to get your hands on gorgeous hair extensions, high quality hair serum or vitamins that promise to strengthen hair and nails, CBD Teas and Tinctures that deliver on the promise of naturally derived well-being and a range of other wellness products, from our show stopping CBD hand sanitizer to our specially formulated CBD Immunity Booster Capsules.

From pain relief to lasting-beauty, we say the benefits of CBD may well be limitless!

LumiSport products keep up with your fitness goals, so you can bounce back from challenging workouts. Take care of yourself like a pro athlete with our pain-relief spray, muscle soothe stick, and recovery bath salts!

LumiLifestyle products deliver a spectrum of ways to enhance your mind and body. Support your inner calm, energy, focus, and relaxation with our teas, tinctures, and supplements.

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Create a unique spa experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

LumiSpa products deliver a deep pampering and wellness boost, even when you have just moments for “me-time.” Try our CBD rose oil, famous shower steamers, and award-winning bath bombs.

LumiHair is my personal beauty secret when I go from a workout to the boardroom and then out for the evening. A quick change and you’re styling with curly, straight, long, or short 100% natural tresses.


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about us

LumiBloom exists because we believe that every woman is beautiful, powerful, and unique. Our philosophy makes us stand out from other beauty and wellness brands. More than a brand, we’re building a platform to connect with and inspire other women, and to share and magnify their stories. Our Mission: To prioritize the needs of women and inspire confidence.