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We're ready to spill all the tea on our CBD teas, and girl, it is piping hot! LumiBloom believes in beauty, health, and wellness from the inside out. With that philosophy in mind, it makes perfect sense to drink your vitamins. Explore our selection of healthy and soothing teas, whether you need something to detox, a hair conditioning tea, or a brew that will calm you down after a long, hard day.


A nice cup of tea is just what you need when all you want to do is relax. Chamomile is ideal for that. Brew up a cup if you need to take a soothing tea break and chill out before a big project. Sit back, enjoy the flavor, and give yourself a chance to breathe before diving into your next task.

Do you need something to drink before bed? Look no further than our Night Time Tea. With its exquisite blend of chamomile, fennel, ginger, and spearmint, it will have you feeling dreamy and ready for a deep night's sleep. Vanilla and our Mint Fusion Tea Plus are tasty and relaxing options, as well.


To add extra oomph to your beauty and wellness routines, take a peek at our array of CBD teas. With our Hair Conditioning Kit, you can help strengthen your hair and nails, while encouraging growth at the same time. This soothing tea kit includes not just our Hair Conditioning Tea, but also vitamin supplements for luxurious hair and long nails. Then, try our Detox Tea to shed all the toxins from your body.