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Beyond their ability to pamper your skin and make it look flawless, sugar body scrubs are a great way to leave tired, worn-out skin looking young again. Sugar scrubs for your body are inexpensive and can be used even if you have sensitive skin. Take a look at the biggest benefits and find out what LumiBloom has to offer to make your bath time more pleasurable.

Benefits of Body Scrubs

Using sugar body scrubs can help to fight aging in a natural way by eliminating dead skin. Body scrubs brighten dull, lackluster skin and promote healthier-looking skin naturally. Using a body scrub can heighten your other skincare products' effects by giving you a smooth, supple base.

Using Scrubs in Your Daily Shower Routine

When you use a sugar scrub for your body in your daily shower routine, it will also help keep your pores unclogged and keep your face free of those unsightly blemishes that we all hate. Sugar scrubs reduce the number of bacteria commonly found on our skin, decreasing the chance of pimples appearing.

Sugar body scrubs can help reduce ingrown hairs, too. Exfoliating before and after hair removal will allow ingrown hairs to push through the skin and grow outwards instead of curling under. Good to know before shaving or having a wax, especially for beach time!

Snag a sugar body scrub from LumiBloom and use our tips to help keep your skin fresh, fierce, and flawless.