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CBD tinctures from LumiBloom feature a wealth of all-natural ingredients including essential oils, extracts, and vitamins that can make you feel happier, healthier, and even more at ease in your daily life. Whether you add our tinctures to your favorite foods or teas, you can enjoy a health boost on the daily. Explore the drops and tinctures at LumiBloom so you can begin living an authentic Lumi Life!


Experiment with LumiBloom's Immunity Booster to help strengthen your immune system and keep colds and other illnesses at bay. This CBD tincture contains 500 mg of CBD, along with 2000 mg of Vitamin C that packs a powerful punch that boosts your immunity and keeps you healthy. 

For extra support, 300 mg of zinc aids in bolstering your body's defenses, too. Each drop adds a zing of citrus to your tea or water, and you can also place a drop beneath your tongue. Consider purchasing one of our tasty teas to pair with your tincture.


If you're dealing with stress, then CBD drops might be able to help you. Set aside some time for relaxation and try out our Blood Orange drops. These drops are safe for consumption and combine CBD with blood oranges, which can decrease inflammation and soothe away your worries. 

Draw a bath, turn off the lights, and take the opportunity to chill out and center yourself. Discover CBD tinctures and drops at LumiBloom.