5 Tips For Becoming a Real Life Sleeping Beauty

5 Tips For Becoming A Real Life Beauty

Time to catch some ZZ’s Ladies! Did you know that more than a third of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep each night? Although we are making boss moves, it is important that we catch a substantial amount of shut eye. According to the American Sleep Association, a lack of sleep has an effect on our weight, heart, brain, life length, and immune system. Sure, cramming everything that we possibly can within a 12-hour time span is a goal for many, but having enough hours of sleep allows our bodies to recover from the damage of the day. The time is now to make over your sleeping habits! Make getting ready for bed a relaxing daily ritual. Doing so will get your body in rest mode. Here are some sleep rituals to consider so that you can become a bright-eyed and well-rested beauty.

Night Time Tea

Consider an herbal tea such as our VitaBloom Night Time Tea which will help to soothe your busy brain after a long day.

The Right Pillow With A Satin Case

Everyone sleeps differently, but not having the right pillow is one way to twist and turn all night. Find the right one to support your head and neck that is most comfortable. When you identify the right pillow, maintain your mane, while laying your head on a cozy pillow case with a smooth satin pillowcase.

Lavender Essential Oil Sheet or Room Spray

One fragrance that will make you drift off to sleep is lavender. The secret of the lavender plants has a calming effect and soothes nerves and agitation.

Relax & Read

We’re not suggesting that you bring work in the bed before you doze off to sleep. However, relaxing to read a novel or any book choice eases you into sleep mode. As you lay back, and your body relaxes, so will your eyes. You know the rest, literally you are sure to doze off.

Phone? What Phone?

When we are asleep, our bodies rest but our brains are active. However, don’t make your body work overtime right before bed by working on your phone. Resist the temptation to check emails, social media and apps. If you feel the urge to write a note to remember something, write it in a journal or a book, but by all means put the phone down.