The Gratitude Self-Love Set


It's important to modify our self-care practices when the seasons shift, and the colder weather arrives to preserve our well-being and attractiveness. With the power of CBD, the Gratitude Self-Love Set (SKU: GSL) is an opulent collection created to support you in embracing the change of the seasons and nourishing your inner and outward well-being. With a focus on supporting your well-being and beauty objectives, this thoughtfully chosen bundle comes with a strong wellness medicine and various CBD bath items.


Cherish Bath BombThe Cherish CBD Bath Bomb is a vital part of the Gratitude Self-Love Set. One hundred milligrams of CBD, which has many advantages for your skin and general health, is included in this bath bomb. Tangerine, orange, and cedarwood are lovely smells that not only enhance the sensory experience of taking a bath but also help you relax and relieve tension. With the days becoming shorter and the weather getting colder, relaxing with the Cherish CBD Bath Bomb might be the ideal way to treat yourself, de-stress, and keep your skin looking gorgeous.



The Brown Sugar Body Scrub is the perfect complement to the bath bomb. Any

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

beauty routine must include exfoliation, and this scrub's abundance of nutrients will leave your skin feeling renewed and silky. It moisturizes and exfoliates your skin with natural oils from coconut, macadamia nut, kukui nut, and passion fruit. This makes it a great complement to your skincare regimen as the seasons change.




The Blood Orange Tincture, a health elixir containing 1,000 mg of Broad

Blood Orange Tincture

 Spectrum CBD, is another item in the Gratitude Self-Love Set. Our bodies need more assistance when the weather becomes colder to control anxiety, inflammation, and general well-being. CBD tinctures provide a quick and simple approach to adding the health benefits of CBD to your regular routine. Because the tincture is made totally without THC and is made from organic American industrial hemp, you may benefit from the medicinal qualities of CBD without experiencing any of its euphoric effects.

Seasonal changes may impact our appearance and well-being, but the Gratitude Self-Love Set offers the means to sustain a grateful mindset, indulge yourself, and remain rooted in self-love. This high-end line blends the finest CBD-infused bath products with a strong tincture to support general well-being, relaxation, and glowing skin. Take advantage of the changing weather by engaging in self-care that enhances your inner and external attractiveness.