On-The-Go Bags to Have

Handbags You'll Literally Want to Have Your Hand On This Fall

Other than a fabulous LumiBloom hairstyle, one other essential item a woman can’t go without is a handbag. As a daily and practical, on the go staple, a handbag helps us to keep our lives organized. With this being the case, toting along something hot, no matter the size is a must. But, lately, the trends offered, prove that no two bags are created equally. Although some women choose to go with a classic style handbag, there are many alternatives such as backpacks or belt bags suitable for lugging your belongings. In fact, LumiBloom’s company Co-Founder, MacKenzie, prefers a sleek backpack for its ease. Looking to get ‘carried’ away for the season? Try one of these bag picks.