Valentine's Day Gift Guide

lIt’s the day to get spoiled with lots o’ lovin’, and what better way than with some self-care products from LumiBloom? It’s perfect for your friends, loved ones, and even yourself. Check out our top herbal and CBD gifts for showing a bit of Lumi Love with our exclusive Valentine's Day gift guide.

Bronze: Night Time Tea

A packet of LumiBloom Night Time Tea.
Night Time Tea - $34.99

First on our Valentine's Day gift guide is our luscious Night Time Tea. This aromatic blend offers a bouquet of herbs that are sure to relax you into the mood, or at least give you a good night’s sleep! The best thing about this gift is that it comes with a full 14 days’ supply — so it’ll probably last longer than chocolate (don’t deny it!).

To get your taste buds tingling, here are some of the star ingredients:

  • Chamomile for relaxation and sleep
  • Licorice, ginger root, and fennel seeds for digestive support
  • Holy basil (tulsi) for mental and physical relief
  • Rosehips for a natural immune boost
  • Spearmint, lemongrass, and orange to invigorate the senses

Silver: Peace & Honey

LumiBloom Peace & Honey CBD gifts.

Peace & Honey Set - $97.20

Too big a fan of tea to just get one? Take our Valentine's Day gift guide to the next level with this deluxe Peace & Honey set. Featuring three sumptuous CBD-infused teas and our delicious CBD honey sticks, this is the ultimate set of CBD gifts for a tea-lover who needs more calm and relaxation in their life. Sweeten your evening with a stick of CBD honey in a steaming cup of Vanilla Tea Plus CBD before settling in for a movie or a quiet night in.

This tasty set includes the following items for a tasty and soothing Valentine’s gift:

Gold: Gratitude — Self Love

LumiBloom Gratitude Self Love CBD gifts.

Gratitude – Self Love - $119.98

Our Valentine's Day gift guide wouldn’t be complete without CBD gifts for some soothing self-care. This set is one for the ladies to enjoy in a quiet moment by themselves — either for our strong and confident single ladies or for getting ready ahead of date night. The Gratitude – Self Love set includes three of our premium CBD products infused with delicious natural scents:

  • Cherish CBD Bath Bomb
  • Brown Sugar Body Scrub
  • Blood Orange Tincture

Begin by soaking in a warm CBD bath, followed by the relaxing and soothing brown sugar body scrub before you climb out of the tub and dry off. Finish off your CBD experience with a dropper of delicious blood orange CBD tincture and head out (or hit the hay) completely relaxed, calm, and refreshed.

Platinum: Decompress Set

LumiBloom Decompress CBD gifts.

Decompress Set - $164.99

Ready for the ultimate gift? Check out the fragrant, CBD-infused Decompress Set. The most indulgent item in our Valentine's Day gift guide, this set includes a bath bomb, body scrub, and CBD tincture, plus a packet of our delicious mint sleep tea. After a night of lovin’ (or for a night of self lovin’), relax into a lavender bath and clean off with the Blue Crystal Body Scrub before finishing up with a hot cup of Mint Tea Plus CBD and a dash of Mint Sleep Tincture before bed.

This platinum set includes:

Valentine's Day Gift Guide — Putting It All Together

Whether you’re a happy lovebird, happily single, or planning to hang out with the girls this Valentine’s, feast your senses and boost your mood with our broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD gifts. At LumiBloom, our Valentine's Day gift guide is all about celebrating the strong, beautiful woman within. Give yourself a boost with some Lumi Love today!