Discover the Summer Wellness Guide: Elevate Your Seasonal Self-Care Routine with CBD

As the summer sun calls, it's time to revitalize your self-care regimen to embrace the energy of the season. Whether you're hitting the beach, exploring new trails, or simply enjoying longer days, incorporating CBD-infused products from LumiBloom can take your wellness journey to new heights.

Here’s how you can integrate these innovative products into your summer self-care routine for enhanced well-being and relaxation.

Pain Relief Freeze Gel

Conquer Every Adventure with Confidence  

Start your day with LumiBloom's Pain Relief Freeze Gel, formulated with a powerful blend of 2000mg CBD and 2000mg CBG. This potent gel provides fast relief from joint and muscle discomfort, ensuring you remain active and pain-free during your summer adventures. Whether recovering from an intense workout or soothing soreness after a day in the sun, this gel targets inflammation directly, offering comprehensive relief for both acute and chronic conditions.

Tip: Keep it in your beach bag or hiking pack for quick and effective relief whenever needed.


Recovery Bath Salts

Unwind and Rejuvenate

After a long active day, treat yourself to a luxurious bath with LumiBloom’s Recovery Bath Salts. Infused with CBD, Dead Sea salt, Himalayan Sea salt, and essential oils like lavender and rosemary, these bath salts are designed to relax your muscles, reduce inflammation, and promote overall calmness. The perfect way to unwind, they help you recover from the day’s activities and prepare for another adventure tomorrow.

Tip: Enjoy a soothing bath in the evening to wind down and ensure a restful night’s sleep.


CBD Pain Relieving Spray
Instant Relief On-the-Go

For instant relief wherever you go, LumiBloom’s CBD Pain Relieving Spray is your new best friend. Ideal for athletes and anyone with an active lifestyle, this spray combines the soothing benefits of CBD with lidocaine for targeted relief of muscle soreness, joint pain, and injury recovery. Easy to apply and fast-drying, it delivers a refreshing sensation that eases tension and discomfort almost instantly.

Tip: Keep it in your gym bag or purse for post-workout recovery or quick pain relief during outdoor activities.


Why Choose LumiBloom?

LumiBloom’s CBD-infused products are designed with your well-being in mind, using high-quality ingredients to ensure effectiveness and safety. Whether you need to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, or simply relax and unwind, our products support your journey to better health and vitality.

Tip: Combine different LumiBloom products for a comprehensive wellness routine that complements your active summer lifestyle.