Holiday Health and Wellness Gifts: LumiBloom CBD Gift Guide

CBD is just what we need to relax and celebrate life after this long year! If you’re ready to kick off 2021 on a positive note, LumiBloom has all the goodies you need for a magical new year. Whether you want your giftee to relax, recover, boost their immunity, or enhance their overall wellness, CBD supplements are the perfect gift.

This CBD gift guide has our top holiday health and wellness gifts from LumiBloom. Read on for gift-giving inspiration!

1. Peace & Honey CBD Infused Tea

Baby, it’s cold outside! What better way to warm up than with a cup of calming, CBD-infused tea? CBD has been found to increase focus, aid digestion, and abate anxiety. That’s just what you’re looking for in a cup of tea, isn’t it?  

Not only does our Peace & Honey kit come with three varieties of delicious, natural infused tea, but it also comes with tubes of our CBD honey sticks to sweeten the deal. This all-in-one health and wellness gift will please any warm beverage aficionado.  

2. Wellness Wallet  

The LumiBloom Wellness Wallet was designed for the overworked, anxiety-ridden individual. And let’s face it—aren’t we all a little bit like that this year?

This kit includes our CBD hand sanitizer, CBD immunity booster capsules, and CBD immunity booster tincture. These products combined are perfect to abate the seasonal stress and get you through even the toughest of days.

It’s one of the top picks on our holiday CBD gift guide because it’s been handpicked for the stressful times in life, and the holidays can get a little stressful.  

3. Gratitude Self Love CBD Spa Set

We can always use a little more love in our life. Caring for yourself is the first step to self-love.

This gorgeous health and wellness gift contains LumiBloom’s Cherish CBD Bath Bomb, Brown Sugar Body Scrub, and Blood Orange Tincture for all-around wellness and inner peace. It packs a punch for a great price.

Cherish CBD bath bomb and package surrounded by orange slices

4. Decompress Set

We all need to take time to care for ourselves, and this Decompress Set is on our CBD gift guide for allowing us to do just that.  

This kit contains some of our favorite CBD products: a sleep tincture, an infused tea, a body scrub, and a bath bomb. Perfect for several nights of soothing relaxation for your friend or loved one this season.

5. Moisturizing CBD Hand Sanitizer Stocking Stuffer

Hand sanitizer has been more important than ever in 2020. Many sanitizers get the job done when it comes to killing germs, but they also rid your hands of the moisture you need for healthy and soft skin. If you want to keep the germ-killing benefits but you’re ready for something that won’t dry out your hands, then it’s time for an upgrade!

Our solution is moisturizing, CBD-infused hand sanitizer! This amazing health and wellness gift from LumiBloom has CBD, CBG, and Vitamin E to keep your hands both sanitized and moisturized. Swap it out from normal hand sanitizer and see the difference. This makes a great stocking stuffer!

Shop LumiBloom this holiday season and start living the #LumiLife!