At LumiBloom, we strive to be your go-to resource for your haircare, hair styling, wellness, and beauty questions, and to be the best virgin hair brand for your needs. Please review our FAQ below, and if there are any questions we can help you with, or you need additional information, feel free to connect with us! We are here for you, ladies.

LumiBloom offers five types of premium virgin hair designs to enhance your look effortlessly:
- Indian Aer Soft Wave
- Indian Terra Wave
- Indian Aqua Curl
- Malaysian Terra Wave
- Brazilian Aqua Curl

As one of the best virgin hair brands, we do more than just sell hair extensions. We want to help you shine, inside and out! We offer shampoos and conditioners that are deeply nourishing, in addition to argan oil sprays and serums to complete your haircare beauty routine. Complete your wellness ritual with our VitaBloom vitamins and teas, as well.

Our shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and serums are perfect for natural hair and perfect for maintaining your premium hair extensions.

LumiBloom hair lasts 12 to 16 months with proper love and care.

We sell only 100% Virgin Human Hair that is imported directly from India.

Of course! You do you. We love offering you style tips, too. You can cut, curl, flat iron, or blow dry our hair.

You can dye our virgin Indian hair to make it unique to you. However, we suggest that you have the hair dyed by a professional stylist, as dye can damage your natural and LumiBloom hair if not done properly.

Our tracks are double wefted while remaining easy to work with. The weft is secure but thin enough that you can easily put a needle through it.

Double wefted refers to hair extensions that are made up of two wefts (tracks) of hair stitched together. This makes the hair thicker than a single weft and helps to make hair look fuller, achieving that enviable volume that we all love!.

LumiBloom hair is not chemically treated, resulting in a natural look and extended longevity of the hair. Steam perming is a chemical-free process that uses only water and steam vapor to achieve a more stylized curl.

The structure of the hair remains in tact, giving you a product that does not tangle or get matted.

Each bundle of hair comes from an individual donor, which guarantees consistency in color and texture within each pack of hair.

To be the best brand for virgin hair, we use steam perming to condition our products. Steam perming is a chemical-free process that uses only water and steam vapir to achieve a more stylized curl.

Since pure virgin hair leaves the cuticles intact, it is reusable for very long periods of time.

Our hair can be flat ironed bone straight for a sleek and stylish look, or curled with curling rod or curlers for more style and fullness. LumiBloom hair reverts back to original texture after wetting or washing.

As the best brand for virgin Indian hair products, we strive to protect your information and give you the best service. Learn more about our privacy policy standards here. Any lingering style questions? Need help on how to get started on your new look? Call us!