Because People Magazine Said So! The CBD Hand Sanitizer You MUST HAVE, and Here is Why

By Lalanii Rochelle, MFA

Tagline: Bad*ss Creative Director with a pen and her puppies.


Hey Bloomers,


I’m writing to you from the most surreal year–ever! We’re 9 months into 2020, and for 7 of those... we’ve been quarantined in our homes with much of the world in disarray.


From Black Lives Matter protests against the mindless shootings and police brutality to the hundreds and thousands sick and dying from Coronavirus, this year hasn’t let up, and there is no end in sight. So we rise to the occasion of our “new normal.” We look for the most fun in what we have left. We paint our prettiest pictures; we Zoom our work, friends, and family, and we spray our CBD Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E like our lives depend on it. Because they do.

For one, I was already work-from-home ready; steady in my field of creative direction; from social media, to digital copy, to author-preneur… most of my work-life balance didn’t change by much… but the frenzy? The paranoia? Just knowing that a trip to the store could cost my life is enough to give a sane person an over-abundant amount of anxiety about––everything.


From grabbing for a grocery cart, spraying off the items we’ve handled, our Amazon packages, our steering wheels, our keys, our phones–our entire lives have been uprooted by the 

promise that germs are twirling in the air, unseen. Little is known about Covid-19, and what is known has been given to us in conflicting ways… confused reporters, scientists, and data analysts that aren’t as clear as anyone on what or how the virus does--or does not travel.


One thing we know? Sanitizer is Life. Washing your hands is imperative, and forgetting or failing to wash well enough or accidentally touching your face contracting the virus could result in a trip to a hospital in which you may or may not survive to see your family again. It’s enough to stock up on all preventative care solutions, and LumiBloom’s CBD Moisturizer Spray has Vitamin E and sprays without drying, making a mess, or smelling bad… and trust me, I’ve tried many!


This antibacterial hand sanitizer is unique in its CBD formula, which includes no THC, so yes, you can use it as much as you want without consequence. It has 20 ounces of 50 mg of CBD and is FDA approved. It functions as it relaxes, and gives off a gellish-lotion, while seamlessly evaporating into thin air ––leaving you with a light, fresh smell while removing all bacteria. All of this happens in less than 15 seconds, with 70% ethanol alcohol resulting in a potency that’s out-of-this-world-fantastic as it still manages to keep your hands soft.


Without needing to be any more brag-worthy People Magazine featured LumiBloom’s Hand Sanitizer just this last month swearing by it as “alleviation of inflammation and irritation from overwashing”… but that’s not the only thing–if the spray factor doesn’t win 

you over (many sanitizers give you a dollop–that turns out to be too much or too little) this one also gives you a perfect spray of 50 mgs of CBG, which reduces anxiety and binds to endocannabinoid receptors which help ease pain. In this antibacterial spray, you get both CBD and CBG making your entire experience a win! And we all could use a win right now.

So what has the year of the deadliest virus taught us? We do what we can, as best we can. We adapt. We grow. We breathe a little slower and take our time with the world. We spray our hands as many times as we need to with LumiBloom Hand Sanitizer –rather than any other drying non-CBD-infused brand, and we hold tight to our hope.


As for me? I will write, and rest up, and stay safe and comfortable from my own little cove, and I’ll most definitely have my LumiBloom Hand Sanitizer in tow… digging for it at the bottom of my purse, every single time I reach for anything. I suggest you do the same!





Lalanii Rochelle, MFA