Body Soufflés, Rose Body Oil, Issa at Home Spa!

By Lalanii Rochelle, MFA

Tagline: Bad*ss Creative Director with a pen and her puppies. 

Hey Bloomers, 

First things first… TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. I'm big on self-care because so many people fail preventative–everyone is so quick to be reactive, rarely are we ever proactive about the things that matter most… our health. Physical, mental, and emotional. 

The other thing is–we take for granted how much all of these things play into each other. Ever wondered why you feel better emotionally after a long bath? ...Why you feel better mentally after a hot shower? You feel stronger overall when you take a self-care day, pamper yourself with getting your nails done, fix your hair, and wear a fantastic outfit. It's because the outside speaks to the inside. We're human; we can be inspired to be and do better. But only if we pay attention to what, how, and when we feel best.  

We take a walk for granted. We don't appreciate that long bath, the right music, and a few candles with our favorite body scrub, but, voilå–it’s what we've all been missing–a romantically dipped body soufflé such as Rose Petal or Vanilla Orchid


And don't get me started on the finale. The massage elements of the new Rose Petal CBD Oil will have everyone in absolute awe. I used it during my latest photoshoot, and it has a subtle shine, smells like rose and lavender, and was a fantastic calming agent–I actually felt calmer after applying. * Sidenote: I've also dribbled a little of this in my hot bath, and it does not disappoint. It's handy for a light (in-between heavy) shave of my legs, even though that is not what this product is designed for. 


Want hydrated skin? Get the new soufflés and blend them with the CBD bath bombs. Want total relaxation? Add the Sleep & Focus Tinctures and a Rose CBD Oil Set to your package. 

Oh, and if you need a gift set? Don't say I didn't give you the deets! 


Lalanii Rochelle, MFA