#CBD Holiday Gift Guide Must Haves - Hurry There’s Still Time, Kinda

y Lalanii Rochelle, MFA

Tagline: Bad*ss Creative Director with a pen and her puppies. 


Hey Bloomers, 


Best kept secrets, I mean gifts are here! Ever purchased a bunch of gifts for those you love and realized you loved everything you got for them so much you had to buy them for yourself too? Welcome to my world. 


As you know, if you’ve been following I’ve been falling more and more in love with the LumiBloom world and all of these products as 2020 has progressed in the most tiring and irksome ways it has. 

Every month it’s been my pleasure to try, feature, and give my candid opinion–so it only makes sense to culminate some of my favorites and help you all out with the best damn last-minute gift-giving guide you have ever seen, felt, heard-of… basically, it’s a whole experience. 




Wellness Wallet - COVID, COVID, COVID. Kinda hoping this nightmare that is our pandemic will be over the second the clock strikes 2021, but we all know that isn’t possible. So I keep all of my favs in my pocket and on my vanity. I pop the immunity capsules, I give myself a squirt out of the dropper… and I make sure my spray is always in my purse. It never dries my hands and I can overdo it if I want to. 



 CBD Honey Sticks

CBD Honey Sticks - The recently discovered new fav is the yummy CBD honey sticks. I grab any of my fav CBD tea and swirl this honey stick around, and get a little dollop of yummy sweetness that helps me to keep calm. More calm never hurt anyone.

 Peace & Honey - Speaking of my fav teas… why do I have to choose just one? This collection solves it all. If you haven’t tried it… figure out what your problem is, and sip accordingly. Stomach irritation? Vanilla is for you! Stress, anxiety, or trouble sleeping? Mint tea is yours. Inflammation or pain? Chamomile tea is definitely for you… and it’s the perfect set because they’re all in there together. You’re so welcome… thank me on Instagram @lalanii later ;-) 


Decompress Set - Just take my word and try the products. Every single product in this pack just HITS. From the lavender bomb in your bath to scrubbing your heels with blue crystals. Sleep heavy with a combination of mint fusion tea and your mint CBD Sleep tincture. You won’t even remember the day, trust. 



Twinkle & Tinctures - Wanna glow? Get this pack of tinctures. You’ll have a collection of the best CBD + problem-solving. Because, ummm, WHY NOT? You have these problems, no? The only thing I’d see wrong would be if you didn’t. You really woke up like this–now. 



Energy & Focus CBD Tincture - There’s no better way to describe my favorite favorite favorite product ever without saying it just as it is! You’ll just get energy and focus together without any side effects! We are all busy doing the things––why not make doing all the things just a little bit easier? I’m just saying. 







Lalanii Rochelle, MFA