Focus So You Can Do The Things. Do The Things So You Can Focus. Introducing Focus & Energy A Delicious Citrus Punch Tincture

By Lalanii Rochelle, MFA

Tagline: Bad*ss Creative Director with a pen and her puppies.

Hey Bloomers,

Ok… so I fell off. Here’s the update: Staying focused, staying fit, staying really happy and confident and comfortable and excited about life and the world and business and… you get it, it’s all hard. Nearly impossible in these times of Covid-19–protesting, voting, working, mom-ing… you name it. Self-care is the one thing I have to constantly and purposefully remind myself to do.

“Take care of self.”

“Love me, first.”

That’s easier said than done when most days I’m going a mile a minute. We all are. Keeping up with everything pulling you in different directions… that’s only proven to be a little easier–with help. So workouts and naps it is! And then I found this little gem:

I have most wonderfully discovered this month… Citrus Punch, a tincture with 1500 mg CBD broad-spectrum hemp oil, Limonene Terpene, Beta Pinene Terpene, and CoQ10. What’s CoQ10 you might ask? Well, it’s an antioxidant that your body produces naturally. Your cells use CoQ10 for growth and maintenance (according to Google) and levels of CoQ10 in your body decrease as you age. CoQ10 levels have also been found to be lower in people with certain conditions, such as heart disease. And the best part? Lots of supplements are using it now and it helps to increase the metabolism… but it does all of that in a healthy way.

But Citrus Punch also does all of that–gently, with CBD. This way–you’re focused and calm with a steady flow of energy from just one ooze out of the dropper. Tincture in my ice water mid-morning, then another twinkle in my tea late at night.

Have a deadline? Want to concentrate harder? Need to run and just don’t feel like it? Let me tell you. With just a little, this fruity bottle with absolutely 0% THC will have you mellowed and determined in mere moments. Not erratic. Not hyper like coffee sometimes does. Just a steady comfortable, no longer lazy, vegan-friendly surge that incites creativity through to the finish line. So I can do the things. All the little, fun, boring, wonderful, thoughtful, annoying, exciting, and/or awful… things that take energy I don’t have without this little bottle. Alllllllll the things.

I think I can call it a little tiny dose of magic. A little dose of magic that works in a really low-key way–in which–it’s so not easily noticed, that it’ll be hard to believe you can attribute your newfound energetic focus to your new Citrus Punch Tincture, but trust. It doesn’t disappoint.

And in these times, it really makes sense to do whatever we all can to make sure we truly live our best-bloomed life–ever.



Lalanii Rochelle, MFA