Rose Body Oil with CBD - If You Use One Body Oil Ever… This Is The One

By Lalanii Rochelle, MFA

Tagline: Bad*ss Creative Director with a pen and her puppies. 

Hey Bloomers, 

Yes, it’s March already. Yes, these are trying times. Yes, life is still beautiful. And yes… it’s still important to spoil ourselves accordingly. This is why my fave product this month is our rose oil CBD body spray. 

The top reasons are as follows:

  • It goes on lightweight
  • It has a very mellow calming effect
  • It gives off a unique glow
  • Moisturizes your cuticles and nail beds
  • Multiple uses: it can be used as body oil, hand oil, elbow oil (trust me you never knew how bad you needed this*) and hair oil

But the best part about it is it’s… drumroll please… the pleasant smell. It’s surely a “wind blowing through a rose garden” aroma indeed! So picture this: you spray it (very little comes out so it’s not like you’re using up your whole bottle too quickly, which is very important to me) and you rub it into your hands front and back… and what do you do next? Well… duhhhhhh, you smell your hands and take a deep whiff whilst closing your eyes–of course! Just that–uplifts my mood and definitely improves my dry and brittle *ss cuticles as well. HAHA! 

LumiBloom has really outdone themselves with this one when I factor in the vitamin e and rosehip giving everyone the moisture we didn’t know we needed!

Several times this week I’ve added a few squirts to my warm bath, obvs with our CBD bath bombs and the coupling has proven to be so super relaxing. I strongly suggest forcing yourself to take the time for this process because you must balance the extremes of our now ‘new normal’ work from home lifestyle–which poses challenges on the mind and emotions I don’t think any of us ever imagined or fully realized. And again… the massage elements… are just wow. 

Go on ahead and try the Rose Petal CBD Oil trust me you’ll thank me later. 😉

Often we can’t find the time for a full vacation, acupuncture, or date night–but we can certainly find a few seconds to rub in and sniff the flowers. Always make time to smell the flowers. 


P.s. Add a Rose CBD Oil Set to your package. 

P.s.s…if you need a gift set? Don't say I didn't give you the deets! 


Bloom Anyway, 

Lalanii Rochelle, MFA