4 Must-Have Essentials For Summer Travel

Toothbrush, sunscreen, flip flops… check! With summer travel on the horizon, it’s never too early to grab vacation essentials. When it comes to fun and fabulous trip accessories, Lumibloom’s got you covered. Check out these summer travel must-haves to get the most out of your much deserved getaway.

If you’re jet-setting to far away destinations, maintaining a clean and safe environment is key. Keep a bottle of our CBD Hand Sanitizer in your carry-on or purse. It sprays on lightly, instantly killing germs but keeping your hands soft and smelling great. It’s perfect for freshening up in the airport or keeping safe and sanitized while on the plane.

When you’ve finally landed somewhere tropical, get ready to soak up that summer sun you’ve been craving! We recommend our Brown Sugar Body Scrub for a subtle island glow. This heavenly brown sugar concoction is blended with massage oils to soothe your skin and keep it smelling great. Sugar scrubs are ideal for washing away dull, dead skin before soaking up the sun, maximizing your tanning potential and beach-ready bod. Plus, with a touch of coconut oil, you’ll be in vacation mode as soon as you take off the lid.

After landing a great tan, soothe and treat your skin with our CBD Rose Petal Body Oil. Infused with the intoxicating scents of Geranium (Rose) Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil, this body oil promotes healthy, supple skin and minimizes the appearance of scars. CBD has a relaxing effect, great for winding down after a day in the sun on the beach.

The best part about any vacation is turning off the world and taking a little “me-time.” Self-care is essential for the body and mind, and there’s no better way to relax than a warm bath after a beach day or before getting dressed up for dinner. Our Lavender Bath Bomb Plus CBD is the perfect nightcap after a fun-filled day of adventure. Simply draw a warm bath, plop in a bath bomb and let the sweet smelling fizz nourish your skin. CBD provides a calming effect while lavender promotes wellness and reduces stress.


Whether you’re traveling to lands far away or just need a mental escape at home, Lumibloom’s got what you need. Check out our full line of beauty and wellness products. By adding a little something fun to your daily wellness routine, it’s easy to feel like every day’s a vacation.