Vacation Prep! Getting Ready for Vacation With LumiBloom

There are so many little habits, products, and tools we use to keep ourselves happy and healthy in our day-to-day life — but we never realize how many we use until we go on vacation!

Solid vacation prep is essential to keep you feeling healthy, beautiful, and confident when you’re away from home. You don’t want to stress out because you forgot something important — it could really put a damper on your trip.

Get ready for your vacation with LumiBloom! Follow these easy beauty and wellness tips while you’re packing your bags and making bookings.

  • Stick to the Bare Necessities
  • Vacation prep is prime time to pick your absolute favorite, must-have essentials and pack them and only them. When you’re getting ready for your vacation, grab your shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, hair oil, makeup, and everything else you need to feel beautiful and confident — leave all the rest behind. Why?

    It’s not just practical to pack only what you need: it’s freeing. When you live off the bare essentials to keep yourself happy and healthy, you feel much less tethered to materialism. A vacation is about living your best life, and you can do that best when you’re focused on the experience rather than all the junk and souvenirs you’re lugging around. 

    On the other hand, packing light can also make you appreciate the little luxuries you’ve stashed away at home when you get back. It’s a win-win either way!

  • Pack Your Sunscreen!
  • Even if you’re not going to a hot tropical island, chances are you’re going to be out under the summer sun much more than usual on your vacation.

    Sunscreen is important no matter your skin tone or complexion. The sun is a deadly laser when it comes down to it, and if you want to age with grace, sunscreen is a must. 

  • Pack The Exact Doses Of Your Supplements
  • An essential vacation prep step is not forgetting the vitamins, supplements, and/or medication that work to keep you healthy. Supplements like CBD require consistency, and they’re not going to take a vacation as a valid excuse to stop taking them. 

    You don’t want to be traveling with all the large, expensive bottles of supplements or pills you have. If you want to pack light and still ensure you have the right supplements to keep you healthy, purchase one of those weekly pill containers for every day of your trip. Pack the exact doses of all the vitamins and medications you want to be taking before you go. 

    You want to be feeling your absolute best when you’re on break, so don’t forget this step when you’re getting ready for vacation!

    LumiTip: Be careful if you’re traveling internationally with CBD. Hemp products aren’t legal in every country (especially if they contain any THC!) so do your research on your supplements and the laws before you depart.

  • Mani-Pedi Time
  • When you’re on a vacation, you want to feel cute and look great in all your vacation photos without worrying too much about little things like your nails.

    Get a manicure and/or pedicure right before your trip, and your nails will look great in all your vacation photos. If you’re planning on swimming or adventuring a lot, make sure you get something secure like gels and skip out on acrylics.

  • Waxed, Vaxxed, & Ready To Relax
  • Do you shave regularly, but you don’t want to worry about that tedious chore on vacation? Treat yourself to a good ‘ol waxing!

    Some people consider a full Brazilian wax an essential part of their vacation prep. Whether or not you’re of that opinion, a wax is a great way to maximize your relaxation time and minimize your stress about looking good. 

    LumiTip: On the off-chance you’re going to get a spray tan before your vacation, don’t do it any sooner than 24 hours after getting waxed. A wax opens up your pores and makes you susceptible to spray tan breakouts.

    Our final (and obvious) tip is to make sure you have every last dose of your vaccines before traveling! We’re not quite out of the pandemic woods yet — even if some places are acting like it — so do your part to keep yourself and others safe!

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