4 Ways to Protect Your Hair from the Sun


Summer is here! Time to cash in on your vacation time, book a stay-cation with whomever you have been quarantining with, and pull out the bikini you ordered in February. As you make moves under the sun, it's important to maintain sun-safe habits for your skin AND your hair. We often hear about how essential it is to protect your skin from sun damage but your hair needs the same kind of attention.

Here’s some way the sun negatively effects your hair:

- causes dryness, brittleness, and weathering of your hair cuticles

- pigmentation loss and protein degradation from UV rays

- Dandruff, split ends, and increase hair loss from sweat and dust

- sunburn and dryness of scalp


Luckily, you won’t have to cancel your summer plans to hide your hair from the sun. Here are a few simple tips to protect and prevention sun-damaged hair:

Wear a hat a baseball cap or fedora

Head protection can go a very long way to ensure your hair is protected from harmful UV rays. Wearing a wide-rimmed hat gives you double the protection for your face and hair. The color and fabric of the hat matters as well! Dark or bright colored tightly-woven hats are the best in repealing UV rays. So add a yellow bucket hat to your summer outfit list.


Limit Shampoo Days

Did you know your hair naturally produces oils that protects it from the sun? That’s right! Sebum is a natural oil that works to protect your hair so avoid stripping your hair of sebum by limiting your shampoo washes during these sunny months. Instead, rinse your hair in a low-lathering conditioning that will keep your hair moisturized and clean.


Stay Away from Harsh Hair Products

You absolutely want to stay away from hair products that can dry out your scalp and damage your hair cuticles. Hair products that contain alcohol, peroxide, lemon juice, and sun-activated hair lightening DO NOT need to go in your hair. Also, limit how often you apply heat to your hair—instead opt for air-drying or rocking your hair in a cute bun.


Moisturize Your Scalp

Last but definitely most important, keep your scalp and hair strand moisturized. Use natural oils like our LumiBloom Argan Serum to soothe your scalp, add shine, and naturally protect your hair from the sun. Constantly hydrate your hair throughout the week to create a hair-safe barrier from harsh UV rays