5 Best Holiday & Party Updo Styles for Long Hair

three women with long hair

Get ready for the upcoming holiday season by making sure that you have a few updo hairstyles for long hair in your arsenal. Instead of choosing the same style as you attend events and parties, try something new each time you head off to a new celebration. LumiBloom has our top five updos all laid out for you.


A Braided Bun

Buns are elegant. Braids are elegant. Is it any surprise that marrying the two results in a chic updo hairstyle for long hair? Braid your hair first. You can form a bun with one plait, two plaits, or more. The more braids you have, in fact, the more intricate your bun will be. A plaited bun is typically tightly woven, but you can make it loose if you like. In addition to providing your ensemble with a bit of sophistication, a braided bun ensures that your hairdo will stay in place all night.


A Twisted Chignon

When you think of a chignon, you probably imagine a neat, tight bun tucked at the nape of your neck. Well, loosen up a little! Separate your hair into two sections. Pull them back and give them a lazy twist, then arrange them into a loose, slightly messy chignon. This is the kind of updo hairstyle for long hair that looks like it took hours of effort. In reality, it only takes a few seconds to create a style that's all about refined edginess and understated sex appeal. You can't do better than that.


A Falling French Twist

here's something about a French twist that speaks to a down-to-earth, effortless vibe. It's laid-back but still lovely, and you can't ask for more than that from a hairdo. To master a sloppy French twist, you should first gently tame your fly-aways with a quick spritz of our Argan spray, followed by a bit of hairspray to help you get a grip. The key here is to avoid the traditional twist, where every strand of hair is slicked back and safely tucked away out of sight. Let some of your hair hang loose. Pull a few tendrils free from your French twist, arranging them to frame your face. This 'do works for long braided hair, as well.


A Thick Ballerina Bun

A ballerina bun is a thick, structured bun positioned high on the crown of your head. Characterized by its volume and round shape, it's ideal for dancers who want to keep the hair out of their eyes. It's also a sensational updo hairstyle for long hair. Its elegance is in its simplicity. Wear your hair like this whether you have straight tresses, braids, or coily curls. It's the hairdo to pick when you want your dress or your makeup to steal the show, although you can decorate it with goddess beads or adorn it with an oversized blossom for a special touch.



Do you want an updo hairstyle for long hair that shows off all that length and shine? Add to the inches and the thickness of your hair with hair extensions or clip-ins. When you're ready to style yourself for the evening, opt for a half-up, half-down 'do. Pile half of your hair in a high topknot, secure it with a barrette or braid it. Let the rest of your hair hang loose over your shoulders and down your back.