How to Style Hair Extensions

Woman looking off to side with long dark hairstyle and white blazer

Wondering how to style hair extensions? With high-quality virgin hair extensions, you can create many different styles. Dress them up or dress them down for the perfect look every time!

Get the Perfect Extension Color

While you can match your extensions to your hair, you might not be able to get the perfect shade every time. One way to remedy this is coloring the extensions. It’s important to know that you should usually only go darker with your extensions. Bleaching them to go lighter can be hard on the hair, and the final result may vary dramatically depending on the haircolor you’ve chosen for your new weave.

If you need to color your extensions, color them off the head and use an extension-safe color to ensure they’re protected.

Cut Your Extensions

Deciding to get a haircut is an easy choice, but deciding how to style your hair extensions after your cut may be a harder decision, especially with all of the amazing options you can go for. Unlike adding a dye color, you can trim your extensions on your head so you have an accurate idea of how they’re going to look for your everyday style. A good tip for cutting your extensions is to do a 90 degree or 180 degree cut. This means pulling all your hair (including the extensions) to the top of your head or all the way to your forehead. Cut the hair you’ve pulled up all the same length.

If you pull your hair on top of your head before cutting, you’ll create layers that blend in with your natural hair. Pulling it to your forehead will also create layers, but they’ll be longer and might blend better depending on your natural hair length and the length of your extensions. If ever in doubt, reach out to your favorite stylist for help.

Create Updos with Extensions

If you want to learn how to style hair extensions, updos are a great way to start. You can pile your extensions and your natural hair on top of your head and use heat tools to frame your face with your hair.

A simple updo: start by putting your hair into a low ponytail. Then, gently twist the ponytail until it is tight. Pin it up against your head. Tuck in any of the loose ends or loose hairs into the twist. Curl anything else left sticking out. Perfection!

Everyday Styling: Waves

Wondering how to style hair extensions to get that beachy waves look? Style your damp hair into braids before bed. When you wake up, take the braids out, finish with a setting spray and run your fingers gently through the hair. You can also do Dutch or French braids. Don’t forget, sleeping on a satin pillowcase will help your morning tresses feel more manageable.

Flat Iron Your Extensions

Flat ironing your extensions can be tricky, but it should be safe as long as you’re using 100% virgin hair. You will need to use a heat protectant spray when you’re figuring out how to style hair extensions with a flat iron. Make sure you’re also using a flat iron that has different heat settings and put it on the lowest setting. Extensions are usually easy to straighten and a higher setting could be damaging.

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