Our Tips on Hair Extensions for Weddings

You’re getting married. The big day will be here before you know it. You’ve chosen the dress, the venue, and your bridal party. What about your hair? Do you keep it loose and natural, or do you opt for adding volume or length with bridal hair extensions? So many choices!

After exploring Pinterest boards and the ‘gram for hair inspiration for days once you know you’re either having a wedding or being in one, you should have an idea of how you’re going to style your hair—we hope! When you’re looking for hair extensions and the best hairstyles for weddings, we understand how overwhelming all the choices can be. However, knowing this ahead of time can make your day go smoother, and it’s super fun to play with your wedding looks with your BFFs by your side!


updo hair style perfect for weddings

Hair Looks for Bridesmaids

How your bridesmaids style their hair could either be up to them or up to you! If your wedding is going to be more of a casual event, you may want to suggest your bridesmaids wear their hair down, or in a relaxed, stylish updo. Consider gifting your girls with hair extensions for your wedding that your wedding hairstylist can help them apply.

Our Aer Soft Waves will give your bridesmaids a classic look while still managing to be fun and (mostly) casual. You can also pull the front of the hair back or even the top of the hair back for a “half-up” look that’s easy for bridesmaids to manage.

Back to that updo idea. Updos are timeless, versatile, and elegant. When enhanced by hair extensions, this look is a lovely choice. They’re also easier to manage than hair that’s down, so they’re a perfect option if you’re having a summer wedding, for dancing, or you know your venue will be warm. Many brides who are having a more formal wedding choose to go with an updo that’s less relaxed and more refined, with carefully placed accessories and more tightly pulled back.

Looks for the Maid of Honor

The maid of honor can wear the same hairstyle as the other bridesmaids or she can wear a different hair style to help her stand out from the rest of the bridal party. Since she is likely your closest friend and/or your soul sister, it’s a good idea to go to happy hour or brunch with her to discuss her favorite styles. Make it a collaboration!


LumiBloom ladies with beautiful hair making heart symbol with hands

You two may decide to style her hair with a variation of the style you choose for your bridesmaids, or an iteration of your own. If you’re doing bridal hair extensions, you might want to enhance it for your maid of honor to let her stand out from the rest of your bridal party. If your bridesmaids are wearing hair extensions for the wedding, you can do the same for your maid of honor but spice it up with a decorative braid, or treat her to something a little more luxurious, like our Signature Terra Wave weave.

Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

Treat Mom to something special and give her a ‘do she’ll never forget. While it is your big day, it’s also a good idea to let your mom help you choose which hairstyle she’ll wear. If she’s going to wear hair extensions for the wedding, an updo is usually the best look and will give her an eye-catching regal vibe.

An updo will keep your mother’s hair off her neck, will make it easier for her to focus on the wedding instead of her hair, and can help her stand out in pictures. She’ll also fit in better with the bridal party if they’re wearing an updo! Let her feel like the queen she is, regardless of which style you choose.

Hair Looks for the Bride

How you style your hair and choose your hair extensions for weddings can have a huge impact on your look for the day or evening. We encourage working with a stylist, or get in touch with us, to find what will best complement your dress, the theme, the locale, and/or the time of day.

Once you’ve pinned down your favorite hairstyle looks for your wedding or the wedding you’re about to attend, it’s important to do a test run. If you’re doing your hair by yourself or having a friend do your hair, do a couple of practice runs to make sure it will go smoothly when it counts. If you’re having your hair done professionally, get it done once before the big day for an extra treat and to be sure you know you like it before you step foot down the aisle.

Are you ready to have the best wedding hair ever? Shop now for wedding day hair extensions!