Winter Hair Tips and Home Remedies to Moisturize Hair

Woman looking off to side with long dark hairstyle and white blazer

The best home remedies to moisturize hair are simple and easy to accomplish. It's their simplicity that makes them so effective, in fact. Don't fall victim to dry hair just because the temperatures drop. LumiBloom has essential winter hair tips to help you enjoy healthy, hydrated hair the entire season.

Moisturize, Then Moisturize Again

Most home remedies to moisturize hair in the winter stress the importance of actively hydrating your hair. Inside your home, the heat will suck out all the moisture in the air—and your hair. That leaves your tresses dry and prone to breakage. You have to replace what you lose, possibly more than once. For natural hair, an oil-based moisturizer is best, such as LumiBloom's hydrating Argan Serum. If your hair feels dry at any point during your day, give it a mist of Argan Spray. Eating water-rich fruits and vegetables will help moisturize your hair, too, not to mention your skin. Don't forget to drink as much water as you can.

Use a Humidifier

Installing a humidifier in your home is a foolproof winter hair tip. It works for both your hair and skin, as well. If your hair is severely dry, then a warm air humidifier will make your space a bit steamy, but that might be for the best. Otherwise, opt for a cool air humidifier, which won't interfere with your heat, but won't add to the warm temperatures, either. Whichever you pick, it will also eliminate static electricity, a hair-raising wintertime woe.

Slow Down on Shampooing

When your hair is naturally on the dry side, there’s no need to shampoo it every day. Cutting down on the washing during winter is a smart idea no matter what your hair type. You may only need to wash your hair between one and three times a week. Select a product like our Strength & Moisturizing Shampoo or our Nourishing Vita Pack Shampoo to hydrate your hair even when you do wash it. Always follow up with a fantastic conditioner, as well.

Woman looking off to side with long dark hairstyle and white blazer

Have a Weekly Hair Care Day

In the same vein as moisturizing your hair on the daily, you need to incorporate weekly home remedies to moisturize hair. Set aside time for an at-home spa day. Use the time to apply a hot oil treatment to your hair. After rinsing out the oil, treat yourself to a deep conditioning hair mask. You can do a hydrating facial at the same time, or put on a sheet mask soaked in toner.

Splurge on Silk

You probably already sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase and wrap your hair in a protective silk scarf at night. Keep it up! The silk cuts down on static electricity, too, and prevents your hair from rubbing against anything rough throughout the night. A fashionable winter hair tip is to wear a silk scarf beneath your winter hats and woolen scarves, as well. Your hair won't rub against the material of your beanies and cloche hats, which is essential in cold weather. For that matter, consider using something soft, such as one of your silky scarves or a cotton tee shirt, to gently squeeze out of your hair after washing or conditioning it. Rubbing the strands can cause breakage, especially if your hair is already dry.

Discover even more home remedies to moisturize hair when you start to live the Lumi Life.