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It's easy to learn how to care for color-treated hair, and it pays to compile an arsenal of helpful tips. Dyeing your hair can cause it to dry out, so your hair requires moisture after you have it colored. Coily hair is often dry due to its structure, making extra hydration essential. Knowing how to care for dyed hair also ensures that you can keep the color bright and vivid. You just need to arm yourself with a few must-have products, such as the right shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. As always, LumiBloom has your back.

Regular Hot Oil Applications

Once a week—and more often if your hair is extremely dry or suffering from damage—you need to pamper your hair with a hot oil hair treatment. You can make it yourself as long as you have a high-quality oil that benefits your natural hair. Olive oil is a winning pick that you probably have in your house already. Coconut oil works in a pinch, as well. To truly soothe your dried out tresses, however, Argan oil has been tried and tested. Using a gentle warming technique, you can easily heat up our Argan Serum and apply it to your hair each week. After you work in the oil, gently dry your hair using a warm setting (not hot). This is one of our top tips for how to care for color-treated hair because it nourishes your hair while encouraging a shine that shows off your color.

Limit Your Shampoo Use

The best advice on how to care for dyed hair must include what you need to avoid. For example, shampooing daily or every other day is the worst thing you can do to color-treated or dry hair. It will further dry out your hair and exacerbate breakage or damage. It will also wash out your color more quickly, which is a frustrating waste of time and money.

Cutting down on washing isn't a problem- it's beneficial to your hair, as a matter of fact. The structure of coily and curly hair makes it difficult for the natural oils of the hair and scalp to distribute properly. Frequent washing contributes to the problem. Limit it to once a week, but don't worry because there are several ways to supplement in between shampoos. Your best bet is to choose a pH-balanced shampoo with no parabens or sulfates, such as LumiBloom's Strength & Moisturizing Shampoo, which adds moisture instead of removing it. The lack of chemicals ensures that our shampoo won't fade your color, either.

But Condition All the Time

Learning how to take care of dyed hair means giving it what it needs. You don't want to shampoo too often, but you should condition your hair as often as possible—even if you're only in the shower getting your hair wet. Regular conditioning will keep your hair soft, supple, and moisturized, which is ideal for your color. Going a step further, you should also use a deep conditioning mask once a week to hydrate your hair.

Here's the thing to remember about hair treatments: they're entirely adaptable. Even though you won't wash your hair every day, you can rinse it with water after going to the gym or using a substantial amount of product. Moreover, after you soak your hair, you can still condition it while you're in the shower or bending over the sink.

Apply Protectants on the Daily

Discovering how to care for color-treated hair adds a few steps to your hair care routine. Most notably, you need to protect your hair more than ever. Step away from all of your heat styling tools, to begin with, or at least give your hair a break once in a while. The flat iron and curling iron are your worst enemies as you try to prolong the life of your color. Heat styling tools tend to further dry out your hair, as well, and you don't want that. Wrap your hair in silk at night, and cover your pillow with a silk pillowcase. You also need to apply a protectant that moisturizes your hair and keeps it safe. We have an Argan Spray that you can spray on as needed throughout the day.

We hope you've learned a bit more about how to care for color-treated hair. What tip(s) for maintaining hair color will you try out?