Living, Working & Shifting during the Pandemic

Living Working and Shifting during the Pandemic 

This pandemic has been an incredible challenge for the world and a disaster for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Business owners, like everybody else started 2020 with high hopes, determined to make this decade one to remember.   

What we didn’t know was that this new decade would begin with a major test, a hurdle that no one prepared for, and survival for entrepreneurs would depend on how quickly and efficiently they were able to pivot... adapt... and adjust.  

Pivoting in business is being able to evolve and rethink your game plan when needed.  It requires you to be present, and knowledgeable about your market, products, and capacity... BUT most importantly to have the courage, and the confidence to SHIFT. 

When the world shut down, I didn’t know what it meant or what to think. But the one thing I was clear about was that staying connected to the LumiBloom squad was essential. Luckily I found purpose by doubling down on our LumiBloom  wellness line of products by adding our very first COVID product, a CBD Hand Sanitizer.   

LumiBloom’s hand sanitizer is FDA approved, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Best of all it leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturized and it earned a highlight and nod on .com We followed up with a CBD tincture and capsules enhanced with zinc and vitamins C, B, E, to help support the immune system.  

We really are all in this together, especially the LumiBloom community and for me that means making sure that we continue to prioritize wellness as the path to real and lasting beauty.     



Part of being an Entrepreneur is taking risk, trusting your gut, and creating opportunitiesIf you are finding yourself in a position where what you were doing before isn't working now, or is fizzling out, think about your next move, try to get one step ahead... It may be time to shift (transition)! 

I’m not sure what the rest of this decade is going to provide, all I can say is keep putting one foot in front of the other and never be afraid to PIVOT and transition.