Product in the Making!!

So due to this pandemic like a lot of companies we’ve had to retool and think through how we do business.  SO, since my team works remotely, we didn't have to clear out our offices and set everyone up virtually, because we were already doing that 😉!!!  But what we did have to do is think about our product offering what we were selling... and since we were moving into the CBD space we decided to lean in!!!  

WITH that in mind I thought about, what is a product, that is different... however would be attractive to our target market, that they would appreciate, need, and want... even if they don’t know it yet?!?! After a few weeks it dawned on me an ENERGY & FOCUS CBD TINCTURE!!   

DURING these crazy times and even after, 1 thing every person chasing a dream, a new position, a grade, a goal, and striving for success needs is clarity, focus and the energy to get it done. AND if it can help manage your nerves...BONUS! 

I am so excited to be launching this New Product, the CBD ENERGY & FOCUS TINCTURE!!! OMG it has quickly become my side kick, even though the beginning of this relationship was rough!! 

Creating the right product is not always as easy as it seems. It takes more than add a little bit of this and a little of that, WHY because sometimes you can't get the this or the that! SMH 

Unless you are a major company creating tens of thousands of units, some raw materials are not available to you. And that is what happened in my case, the first few raw materials I wanted to add to my Hemp Seed Oil base broad-spectrum CBD tincture, was outside of my reach I was able to secure a few ingredients but not allAt this point I had to decide will I create a half-baked product to rush to market just to have a new product OR will I keep working on it?!?!   

All this set back meant is I was going to have to dig deeper to find the perfect formulation for LumiBloomSo, I went back to the drawing board and worked closely with my chemist to formulate a product that will do what I had envisioned!  At which point I became well verse in TERPENE. Terpenes are organic compounds commonly found in plants and when combined with CBD can enhance both the CBD’s and the terpenes’ therapeutic benefits.  They allow for making highly effective formulations that outperform the competition, resulting in an unmatched user experience.  


We will let you be the judge 😉! 


After weeks and weeks of sampling! We finally came up with the perfect blend of Beta Pinene, Limonene, and CoQ10, to add to my 1500mg broad spectrum CBD I know I drove my manufacture CRAZY! But WE HAD TO GET IT RIGHT!! And I must admit it was fun learning about terpenes.   


 The combination we choose increases mental alertness, clarity, overall cognitive functions, acts as an anti-anxiety alongside CBD, boosts energy, is a natural anti-inflammatoryplus has all the added benefit of Hemp seed oil, which has a host of health benefits in its own right; one important thing to mention is that it is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6.  Ok OK OK if you want to know more check out the product page...  


This product is for anyone who is striving to do their best and want to live their best LumiLife and want to Bloom their way!  



  1. Its better to be patient and create a strong product, vs rushing to market, that’s how you prioritize your customers' needs
  2. Even if your first idea or thought doesn’t work, don’t give up, find the other way 
  3. Creating a product is like building a relationship, there are twists and turns but once you are on track it can be AMAZING