It's My Birthday!!! Yearly Recap!!

This past year has been a roller coaster, both personally and professionally! But I must save over all it has been a learning experience and a testament to what it means to stay focus and pushing forward!

FOR LUMIBLOOM it’s been a breakout year, and I am forever grateful for the support, dedication and determination by my team who STEPPPPED ALLL THE WAY UP! 

We have completely transformed into a Lifestyle Brand! We introduced new products such as CBD bath bombs, body scrubs, specially formulated CBD Tinctures, a CBD hand sanitizer, and amazing CBD teas, and CBD Honey, MORE on the way! We were mentioned in several publications such as People, Women’s Health, Woman’s Day, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Merry Jane, just to name a few! We had a Blow out holiday season… Literally… backorder over 200 orders at one point… OMG let me tell you it was exciting and overwhelming at the same time!!!  

and now… 

We have officially launched the MacKenzie PAGE!! On my New Year… MY BIRTHDAY! MORE EXCITEMENT TO COME! On this page you will learn more about me, through my LumiJournal, where I will drop gems about what I’ve learned, my experiences, conduct mini-interviews of some cool people I’ve met along the way, AND of course, I will keep you in the know about new product launches and sales!! Like my birthday sale taking place right now!!