It's My Birthday!!! Yearly Recap!!

This past year has been a roller coaster, both personally and professionally. It’s also been a huge learning experience and a testament to what it means to stay focused and push forward!

FOR LUMIBLOOM it was a breakout year, and I am forever grateful for the dedication, determination and support from my team who stepped up in a massive way.

Mostly I appreciated the opportunity that we had to be there for folks by tapping into the ways that LumiBloom speaks to the mind, body and soul and promoting the LumiLife. We loved hearing how our CBD bath bombs, body scrubs, specially formulated CBD Tinctures, CBD hand sanitizer, and amazing CBD teas and honey helped people, not just cope, but thrive during uncertain times.

Looking forward, I’m both energized and excited knowing that MORE on the way! New products and initiatives that align with our mission and values, new ways to connect to the Lumi community and new media opportunities to spread the word about what we’re about.

In the meantime…

Stay connected to this page where I am excited to share, my experiences, conduct mini-interviews of some of the cool people I’ve met along the way AND keep you in the know about new product launches and sales! By the way, check out my annual Birthday sale taking place right now!

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