CBD For Pain: It’s What You’re Missing!

Everything you need to know about tackling chronic pain with CBD.

Why’s Everyone Talking About CBD?

In the wellness world, CBD is the latest buzz. So what exactly is CBD, and why should you bother to try it? How does it differ from the average pain treatment?

To put it plainly, CBD is a natural compound that’s derived from the Cannabis plant. What’s cool about CBD is it’s entirely separate from THC, which is the front-and-center ingredient in Cannabis that you’ve likely already heard about.  CBD is the non-psychoactive counterpart to THC, providing all the benefits of this natural herbal remedy, yet without any side effects of a “high.” Hemp-derived CBD is quickly becoming one of the most popular wellness treatments for chronic pain.

Headaches, backaches, and muscle aches be gone! CBD has been shown to be a natural anti-inflammatory - so even menstrual aches and pain can be soothed by this cannabinoid compound.

So, recent developments have discovered that CBD is an effective complement to your chronic pain care routine. From tinctures to topical treatments, CBD delivers a promising punch of natural chronic pain relief, without the side effects of heavy medication.

If you suffer from chronic pain, you’re likely accustomed to the trial-and-error process of finding a care plan that works best for you. When you choose to use CBD, you’re treating your body to a pain relief that’s free of any harsh side effects and much safer than turning to prescription meds. 

Which CBD Product Will Work Best For My Chronic Pain?

The beauty of using a natural chronic pain reliever is there are many methods by which you can try the substance and benefit from its effects. Experiment and explore what works best for you- there’s no wrong way to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine!

Tinctures: Just a drop under the tongue or in your favorite beverage makes LumiBloom’s tinctures one of the easiest ways to try CBD. Try our CBD Immunity Booster Tincture - it’s specially formulated with 500mg premium quality, water-soluble CBD plus Vitamins C, B, E, and Zinc, putting a pep in your step and providing your daily dose of immune support atop pain relief.

Teas: Balance your mind and body with a beverage that calms while it revitalizes. Our CBD-infused teas make your early morning (or late night!) relaxation routine a touch better with just the right amount of CBD infusion. We even have CBD Honey Sticks for an elevated effect.

Topical Treatments: Try a CBD bath bomb during your nightly soak, or even switch to our CBD hand sanitizer to get your daily dose of cannabinoid pain relief. CBD can be used topically (on the skin) or ingested, so finding what works for you is as simple as trying out different, fun products. 

Pain-Free with CBD: That’s Living a LumiLife!

We take pride in being a beauty and lifestyle brand that develops and markets products with women in mind. So many women suffer from chronic pain, whether that means a migraine, menstrual pain, or soreness from living an active lifestyle. That’s why we’ve created our line of CBD-infused products with your best in life in mind. 

Ready to see what’s in store? Shop our line of CBD products here to find what works best for your total mind and body wellness.