The CBD Spectrum: Which type of CBD should I try?

The CBD Spectrum: Which type of CBD should I try?

Broad spectrum, full spectrum or CBD isolate – what’s the difference and which is best for me?

With the CBD craze well under way, it’s important to know the differences between many new and interesting CBD products on the market. There are so many benefits of incorporating CBD into your wellness routine and it’s amazing how versatile it is. From CBD teas to tinctures to bath bombs to honey sticks, CBD can be incorporated into so many different mediums for consumption. Something this versatile surely must be much more complex than it seems.

The answer is both yes and no.

There are three different types of CBD that can be ingested or incorporated into wellness products in order to deliver its benefits: broad spectrum, full spectrum, or CBD isolate.

We’ve done the research, so we’ll keep things simple: The difference lies in how the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, and which parts of compounds from the plant it contains. At the end of the day, any CBD product may reduce inflammation, ease anxiety, and promote an overall sense of calm and relaxation, so all that matters is that you choose the variety on the spectrum that sounds best for you.

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is just how it sounds – it’s a super potent cannabis extraction that contains 99% pure CBD, isolated from any other parts of the hemp plant. Long story short, other CBD options (like Broad Spectrum CBD) include other powerful and impactful compounds from hemp that CBD Isolate leaves out, which means you may miss out on some of the wellness benefits that these other extractions provide.

Full Spectrum CBD

Proceed with caution: full spectrum CBD does contain THC – the active ingredient in cannabis. Full spectrum CBD includes proteins, terpenes, fatty acids, THC and other elements from the hemp plant. Legally, full spectrum CBD can contain up to .3% THC. It doesn’t produce a “high” effect, but keep in mind even a small amount of THC can appear on a drug test screening for marijuana, so most CBD enthusiasts opt to use a different variety.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD contains multiple cannabinoid compounds, which means you the user get to enjoy the whole host of benefits from the hemp plant, including cannabinoid terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, or pinene - without any THC. With all these cannabinoids working in sync, it increases the likelihood that you’ll experience the wellness benefits of CBD more efficiently when you choose Broad Spectrum over other varieties. If you’re looking for a powerhouse wellness product without any THC, Broad Spectrum is the option for you. Broad Spectrum CBD can help regulate stress, mood and anxiety, as well as reducing inflammation, easing chronic pain and boosting your immunity.

Getting curious? Shop our CBD products today and discover the wellness benefits you just may be missing – how great you feel will surprise you!