Pain Management: 4 Great Products To Try

Everyone and their grandma are talking about CBD lately, and for good reason! You can use this powerful hemp compound for everything from stress relief to inflammation and muscle aches. New studies come out all the time about the power and capabilities of CBD for pain relief* and beyond.

But out of everyone on your Instagram feed, probably the most vocal advocates for CBD are athletes and people looking to relieve constant pain. Using CBD for pain management can change the game for people who suffer from day-to-day soreness and athletes or bodybuilders who constantly push their bodies to the limit.

 CBD for pain relief works in the mind to balance your body’s pain sensations, but it does more than that. Turns out, CBD can support athletes in a number of ways, both inside and out. If you’re looking for the right CBD for pain management as an athlete or someone suffering from chronic pain, use this guide to see what your options are!


 1. CBD Muscle Relief Stick

Perfect for: sore muscles, stiffness, injury recovery, aching and inflamed joints, muscular tension

If you want your CBD for pain management to directly affect a particular area,

topicals are the way to go! CBD sinks deep into the skin for localized relief for muscles and joints. This way, it doesn’t enter the bloodstream or digestive system, so you’ll feel the effects quickly in a targeted area of soreness without it affecting the rest of your body.

What’s more, CBD balms, salves, and lotions are something you can take with you on the go. You never know when pain might strike, so you can keep topical CBD for pain relief in a gym bag or purse for quick, discreet relief. As a bonus, LumiSport’s muscle relief sticks come with natural cooling and warming effects from menthol and camphor that help to reinvigorate sore muscles.

2. CBD Pain Relieving Spray with lidocaine

Perfect for: sore muscles, injury recovery, aching and inflamed joints, muscular tension

Like sticks and salves, pain-relieving sprays are another fantastic topical option when you’re considering types of CBD for pain management. Athletic sprays are already super popular, and when you add CBD, it just gets that much better!

LumiBloom CBD Pain Relieving Spray Bottle

CBD sprays are easy to use: you simply spray a light layer on the affected area and leave it to dry. Like topical salves and lotions, the effect will be completely localized, so you can place this CBD in the exact area you want to target. You can always reapply this spray as needed.

 LumiBloom’s CBD pain-relieving spray includes lidocaine, a popular over-the-counter treatment for revitalizing muscles. It has an “ice-like” effect, cooling sore muscles down to accelerate healing. We’re sure you’ll be saying “aaahh” within a few minutes after you feel that sweet cooling relief!

3. CBD Oil Tinctures (administered under the tongue)

Perfect for: full-body aches, stress relief, overall wellness

CBD oil is incredibly versatile, but applying it under the tongue is especiallyCBD Oil Tincture with Orange Peel effective because the CBD enters your system in just a few minutes. When CBD oil enters your bloodstream this way, athletes can enjoy effects that go beyond the skin.

For some people, tinctures are the ideal way to take CBD, but for others, topical solutions are the way to go. It all depends on what pain you’re trying to relieve. If you have full-body aches, you’ll need full-body support, but if you’re just trying to treat a specific area, you might want to try topicals.


4. CBD-Infused Tea

Perfect for: sleep, calm, nausea 

Another way you can get CBD to have a full-body effect is by sending it on a


journey through your digestive system! You can use CBD oil-infused edibles, or you can try our personal favorite: CBD-infused tea.

CBD helps relieve stress and tension throughout the body, and when it’s absorbed through the digestive system, you get a long-lasting, slow-release effect that can last for hours. CBD tea for pain relief is great if you want to gradually come down after a big workout or before sleep. A couple of cups a day can keep the aches away!

Visit LumiBloom for More Options for CBD for Pain Management

We’re all about all-natural relief that keeps you feeling great without those nasty side effects. Incorporating CBD for pain relief into your workout routine mixed with an active lifestyle and healthy diet can totally change the game. What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

  *The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Always consult a doctor before using CBD for pain management.