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Do you have a hair emergency kit? Girl, why not? Whether you put together a collection of quick fixes for bad hair days or a hair extension kit, you need something full of essentials to do up your 'do. LumiBloom has an easy-to-compile list to start you off right.

A Travel-Can of Hairspray

A travel-sized can of hairspray is a must-have for your hair emergency kit. You never know when a tendril might fall out of place or when fly-away hairs will get out of control. To deal with windy weather or iffy hair days, a quick spritz of hairspray can help to tame your mane. Most brands offer smaller bottles and cans for travelers who need to meet TSA guidelines. They're the right size for your bag, which allows you to carry something on the daily to handle last-minute hair emergencies. Just choose the hold that's right for you. Because you'll be spraying on-the-go, you may want to avoid extreme hold sprays, which can easily leave your hair stiff if you aren't careful.

Extra Extensions—Just in Case

Weave accidents happen. Over time, extensions can become loose and fall out, or you can change the part in your hair and discover a gap or hole that you never noticed. LumiBloom's hair extension kits can serve you well. For the quickest fix while you're out and about, clip-ins might be your best option, but that all depends on what you like and how adept you are with weave installation. Still, in a pinch, a clip-in is an effortless way to remedy a sudden, hair-raising situation.

Moisturizer for Your Hair

If you feel your hair getting dry throughout the day, you can't just let it go. Dry hair is noticeable, and it can mess up your entire 'do. It's not like you can apply a hair mask or conditioning treatment when you're enjoying dinner or having a cocktail with your girlfriends, though. A bottle of Argan Spray in your hair emergency kit is a solution that not only fixes the issue but also benefits your hair. Excuse yourself to the powder room to spray your hair with a light dose of oil and give it a fluff. You won't need much to attain noticeable bounce, hydration, and shine.

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Bobby Pins Upon Bobby Pins

Not everyone loves hairspray, and it isn't always a practical choice. That's not a problem. Bobby pins work nearly as well. They can tame cowlicks, awkward curls, and fallen tendrils. You can use them to secure your updo or change the look of your braids on a whim. Since they take up so little space, slide a whole pack of them into your hair extension kit. They'll fit in your clutches, or you can slip a few in your wallet. For the record, they're also handy with a variety of wardrobe malfunctions, such as broken straps and missing buttons.

A Bottle of Dry Shampoo

Natural, textured hair doesn't need to be washed every day, or even every other day. Once or twice a week is generally fine. The same goes for extensions and weave—they don't need frequent shampoos. Although it's unlikely that your hair will ever appear oily, a bottle or jar of dry shampoo is an essential addition to your hair emergency kit. It helps to flush out leftover product residue, plus it's a way to freshen up on the fly. Sprinkle a light amount along your roots and simply comb it through your hair and shake out the excess. Pro tip: cornstarch is a sensational substitute for dry shampoo. Finish it off with a dash of Argan Serum.

Emergency Hair Accessories

You never know when you'll want to change up your hairstyle. There are dozens of reasons you might need to pull your hair into a bun or ponytail, and dozens more you might want to cover your hair with a scarf or slide on a headband. Maybe you're heading to the beach or the gym unexpectedly. Small hair accessories belong in every woman's hair extension kit. Include a handful of hair elastics, a silk scarf, a soft headband, a couple of barrettes or decorative bobby pins, and some goddess beads.

Discover a can't-miss selection of products for your hair emergency kit at LumiBloom. Living the Lumi Life means always being prepared!